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Western CT Takes Leave

DANBURY, CT. – After a fantastic seven year run, the Western Connecticut Militia will be taking a leave of absence for the 2017 season. “It was a tough decision but we had to do what was overall best for the organization,” said owner Carl Oberg. “We loved our time in the NEFL and we wish the teams in the league the very best going forward.”

Established in 2010, Oberg and the Militia hit the ground running in the NEFL’s North Atlantic (AA) Conference. Posting a one loss regular season, the Militia was a quarter away from winning a championship in their inaugural season before losing to the New Hampshire Wolfpack.

Moving to the AAA level in 2011, the Militia posted the top winning percentage in the league over the next 6 seasons. The Militia collected 2 undefeated seasons along with a few one lost campaigns only to see defeats derail them in the playoffs. “We were seen as the top regular season team in the NEFL,” said Oberg. “We just couldn’t get over that hump in the playoffs.” The Militia fueled some of the top rivalries in the league as they battled their in-state foes the Panthers and Bearcats. “Those games were classics every time we got on the field,” said longtime opposing quarterback Rich Snowden. “You knew going into that game that it was going to be 4-quarters of hard hitting ball.”

“The Militia was a legit contender each season they stepped on the field. They had a lot of talent to go along with a top tier organizational staff,” said an NEFL opponent. The Militia earned AAA Organization of the Year honors three consecutive years. Their huge crowds, gigantic helmet tunnel and thunderous touchdown cannon made even visiting fans excited to take a trip in Danbury, Connecticut.

Losing to the Boston Bandits in 2015, the Militia returned to the AAA Championship game the following year looking to win their first crown. Being down 21-3 at halftime to the host Rhode Island Wardogs, some people thought the Militia would continue their poor luck in the post season. Sticking to a solid run game and a stout defense, the Militia reeled off 21 unanswered points to defeat the Wardogs in one of the most exciting championship game finishes in over 10 years. “We focused on what we could controlled and went into the second half and battled back. To win one the way we did tells us a lot about our guys,” said Oberg. “They refused to give up and rallied as a team behind each other to win.”

With the leave of absence, the Militia could in theory take the 2017 season off and return to the field in 2018. “They are a top notched organization,” said NEFL representative Bernie Armstrong. “It is a shame not to see them on the field this year; we can only hope they return next season and continue their brand of football in the Western Connecticut area.”

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