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Ten Questions for 2017

Kevin Amparo should be a candidate for MVP in 2017.

With the Western Connecticut Militia taking a leave of absence for the 2017 season, there will be a new NEFL champion hoisting the trophy at the end of the year. “This opens it up for everyone,” said Connecticut Bearcats’ Dom Colivito. “It’s no telling who will come home with it this year.”

The ten-team Colonial Conference (AAA) boasts more parity than ever before. Without designated divisions, the best will play against the best in the biggest games in the post season. How these teams start the season this weekend will help with understanding who we need to keep our eye on this year.

We have found ten questions that will need to be answered by the teams in AAA to be a success this season:

QUESTION ONE: After leading for more than three quarters of the AAA Championship game before losing to the Western Connecticut Militia, can the RHODE ISLAND WARDOGS take care of unfinished business and return to the championship?

QUESTION TWO: Can the CONNECTICUT BEARCATS take a frustrating preseason (0-3) and get on track in their week one battle against the very dangerous Panthers?

QUESTION THREE: After the loss of key veterans in the offseason, can the large addition of young, talented yet unproven players get the SOUTHERN MAINE RAGING BULLS a top seed this season?

QUESTION FOUR: Will the addition of Texas-import Kwabena Owusu be the running attack needed by the NORTH SHORE GENERALS to balance the passing of quarterback Kevin Amparo?

QUESTION FIVE: Can Jamie Bryant’s brilliance (accounted for 18 touchdowns in 2016) and a tough defense again carry the CONNECTICUT PANTHERS to the playoffs?

QUESTIONS SIX: After a 0-10 debut in AAA, can the SOMERVILLE RAMPAGE use their great offseason recruiting to get into the win category?

QUESTION SEVEN: Can top-rated quarterback Aaron Fyffe continue his dominate play (17 regular season touchdown passes in 2016) for the WESTERN MASS ARMOR and get his team a home playoff game?

QUESTION EIGHT: After taking the jump, can the NEW HAMPSHIRE CHARGE play AAA level football for 10 consecutive weeks?

QUESTION NINE: Can the changes in ownership positively affect the fortunes of the MERRIMACK VALLEY NOR’EASTER?

QUESTION TEN: Will the BOSTON BANDITS avoid the “injury bug” and find themselves back in the championship game in 2017?

Armor defense stacks up a Panthers runner

“There are so many factors that make teams uncertain of how they will stack up against other teams in this league,” said a league representative. “Some teams have a core that they know from year to year are returning to their program while others are boosted by late acquisitions in the preseason that can make them a contender right away.” All of these questions and more may be answered after week one concludes. Until then, find the game in your area and enjoy the excitement.

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