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Power Rankings – Wk 8

It"s Week 8 of the New England Football League season, here is the NEW POWER RANKINGS!!!! The AAA Conference continues to set the standard. The Power Rankings are based on a formula that goes above Wins / Losses and truly shows who are the best of the best. We are now in the 2nd half of the season, so the Rankings still can change each and every week, just not drastically unless a major upset. Please continue to follow our 2013 Season Rankings and see who ends up on top.

Week 7 of the NEFL Season  is in the books, Out of 16 teams, your new top 4 order of “Power House” teams: #1 Maine Sabers (Northern Division), #2 Western Connecticut Militia (Southern Division), #3 Connecticut Panthers (Western Division), and #4 Southern Maine Raging Bulls (Northern Division). We are now back to a 3-Division Race to see who is on Top in 2013!!!

Below is your complete list…

2013 NEFL Power Rankings: Week 8
Maine Sabers
Last Week: 3
Their wait is over… Finally the Sabers have gotten back to the Top!!! After a narrow margin of victory over the Raging Bulls for the 2nd time there is no doubt that this team is Legit. With big games versus Lowell and Boston coming up, the Sabers are in primal form.
Western CT Militia

Last Week: 2
As the Game of the Week, Winners…. The Militia proved to all doubters that the opening day loss to the Gators was a fluke. However with a trip to NY on deck to take on the Bulldogs, their victory parade may have to be cut short.
CT Panthers
Last Week: 5
After dismantling the Gamblers, the Panthers are on the move.
So. Maine Raging Bulls
Last Week: 1
Trying to put another tough loss to the Sabers behind them, the Bulls are eagerly awaiting their next opponent the Wolfpack.
Bridgeport Gators
Last Week: 4
Two consecutive losses has the Gators looking for answers, hopefully they can find some when the New Jersey Spartans come to town, otherwise we may be talking about upset.
Boston Bandits

Last Week: 6
It was close but the Bandits got it done vs the Pride. Up next the Generals, who they defeated in Week One.
Tri-State Bulldogs

Last Week: 7
The Bulldogs managed to escape last Saturday night with a Victory over the Spartans after being down late. That might have been the wake up call the Dogs needed in order to continue their hunt in the second half of the season.
Lowell Nor'easter

Last Week: 8

Lowell is still in the hunt for the post-season. They have pulled within a Game of the Bulls for 2nd in the Division and with the No. 1 Ranked Sabers up next, now is a great time for a Win.
W.Mass Warriors
Last Week: 10
Finally, after dropping 2 in a row, the Warriors are back in the Win column. It was not pretty, but a Win is a Win. Look for the Warriors to try and secure another victory as they take on the Gamblers.
New Hampshire Wolfpack
Last Week: 9
The Pack managed to take the Nor'Easter down to the end, but came up 3 points shy of victory. Next up for them is the Bulls who lost a close battle themselves. Their fight for the post-season continues…
No. Shore Generals

Last Week: 11
It was not easy but the Generals got it done vs the Colonials last week. Still trying to pull even on the season, the Generals have the Bandits this week. After dropping the week one game to the Bandits by 8, all are looking forward to this great Eastern Divisional Match-up.
Hartford Whalers

Last Week: 12
Even though they put the Warriors on Upset Alert last week, the Whalers still managed to lose a close one 7 to 0. This week they take on a closer neighbor as they travel to the CT Panthers, who overwhelmed the Gamblers to a tune of 58 points a week prior. The Whalers need to be careful as this one could get ugly early.
Metro-West Colonials

Last Week: 13
This weekend cannot come fast enough for the Colonials as they are set to play the Pride, which is the Only team they beat all season. It was a convincing 20-0 Win over the men from Merrimack Valley. They should be on guard as the pride they faced in Week One is a much more competitive team as of late.
Merrimack Valley Pride

Last Week: 14
After losing to the Bandits, the Pride have now lost 4 of their 7 games this season, by a touchdown or less. On paper this team is just one touchdown away from being 4-3 and fighting for a playoff berth. However, games are played on the gridiron and the pride just don"t seem to be able to get it done. Is 0-8 on the way???
New Jersey Spartans

Last Week: 15
Even though they played the Bulldogs down to wire, the Spartans still managed to lose the game. As they say, Good teams find a way to win the close ones, and well Bad teams are just that Bad to lose them. It doesn"t get any easier for the Spartans as they take on the Gators next.
CT Gamblers

Last Week: 16

Another week, another loss. Not sure what this team has left after getting trounced by the CT Panthers. The tough road continues for the Gamblers as they take on the Western Mass Warriors this weekend.

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