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Power Rankings – Wk 7

It"s Week 7 of the New England Football League season, here is the NEW POWER RANKINGS!!!!   The AAA Conference continues to set the standard. The Power Rankings are based on a formula that goes above Wins / Losses and truly shows who are the best of the best.  We are still early in the season, so the Rankings can change each and every week.  Follow our 2013 Season Rankings and see who ends up on top.

Since the week 6 results have been tabulated, Out of 16 teams, your new top 4 order of “Power House” teams: #1 Southern Maine Raging Bulls (Northern Division) , #2 Western Connecticut Militia (Southern Division), #3 Maine Sabers (Northern Division), and #4 Bridgeport Gators (Southern Division). It seems to be a 2-Division Race to see who is on Top in 2013!!!

Below is your complete list…


2013 NEFL Power Rankings: Week 7
So. Maine Raging Bulls
Last Week: 3
The Bulls have been Raging as of late and last weeks dominant performance over the Generals have vaulted them in to the top spot. Let"s see who is left standing after they play the still unbeaten Sabers. In a 1 vs 3 Match-up!!!
Western CT Militia

Last Week: 4

Their 14-point victory over the Warriors and there win streak has put them in a position to succeed. Next up is a rematch with the Gators, the only team to beat them this season. All or Nothing 2 vs 4 Match-up!!!
Maine Sabers

Last Week: 2

The Numbers have not been on the Sabers side thus far and this edition of the Rankings is no different. A very unconvincing win over the winless Pride shows why the Sabers although undefeated has for the second week in a row, dropped in the Rankings. A 2nd win this week over the Raging Bulls may get them the respect they want.
Bridgeport Gators
FallingLast Week: 1 For the 1st Time this season the Track Team could not get it going. The former League"s Highest scoring offense mustard up only 3 points in a detrimental lose to the Panthers. We will see how they respond as the face-off against the New Number 1 offense of Western Connecticut. Stay Tuned Gators / Militia Round 2!!
CT Panthers

Last Week: 5
The Panthers are on the prowl as they recently knocked off the former No. 1 ranked Gators. Next up is a trip to Plainfield, CT to see the Gamblers.
Boston Bandits
Last Week: 9
The Bandits are sitting alone in the Drivers seat in their division. One focus play-offs and with Pride coming to town it should be onto 5 and 2…
Tri-State Bulldogs
–Last Week: 7 The Bulldogs are making a run for the post-season and their next opponent from New Jersey only seems to be another appetizer. Look for them to improve to 5 and 2 on the season.
Lowell Nor'easter

Last Week: 8

Lowell finds themselves in a very unfamiliar position at this point in the season, at just 3-3, this storm only seems to be a category 1. Next up is the Wolfpack.
New Hampshire Wolfpack
Last Week: 10
The Pack is excited about traveling to Crawley Stadium, with an opportunity to secure the 3 seed in the Division and put themselves in a position to make the Post-season.
W.Mass Warriors
Last Week: 6
The defending champion has been in everything but…. championship form so after 2 back-to-back losses these Warriors are reeling… Hopefully a game versus the always tough Hartford Whalers can get them going…
No. Shore Generals

Last Week: 11
One of the Generals 2 wins this season came vs the Colonials, and after the 34-0 beating they took after the were stampeded by the Bulls last week, they are really looking forward to it…
Hartford Whalers
Last Week: 13
After dropping last weeks match-up in OT, and loosing 2 weeks ago by 8, these Fish feel that they are due for a breakout performance. Next Up is the Western Mass Warriors who for all of their own troubles are definitely on Upset Alert!!
Metro-West Colonials
Last Week: 12
The Colonials are trying to turn their season around and there next opponent (Generals), narrowly escaped with a W, in their 1st Match-up… The Colonials now are thinking Payback.
Merrimack Valley Pride

Last Week: 14
After playing the previously No. 2 ranked Sabers down to the wire, the Pride proved that they can hang with the Big Cats, just cannot beat them. If they hope to make the post-season they better get a Win soon.
New Jersey Spartans
–Last Week: 15 No game last week, so no change in their Rank. Their next game is in NY vs the red hot Bulldogs, so don"t expect to much from this bunch as 0-6 maybe on the way.
CT Gamblers

Last Week: 16

Last week"s game vs Spartans was postponed to a later date. That may have been there only chance at a Win in the second half of the season. Next up the No.5 ranked Panthers, who are coming off a very large Gator sized win.

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