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Colonial Conference Final Four

Alexis Colon led the undefeated Raging Bulls into the Semifinal Round                        


LAWERANCE, MA – With the regular season and first rounds of the playoffs behind us, four familiar teams line up for what should be the most exciting weekend of the year.

For the second straight season a team from Maine has remained undefeated and head into the semifinal round as the favorite. The Raging Bulls recipe for success remains a solid running game, a stingy defense (allowed a league low 6 points per game), and an efficient passing game from All Star passer Alexis Colon. “Colon is the unspoken star of the team” said a divisional opponent”, he puts them in good position every play; he’s a coach on the field.” With four NEFL championships under their belts, its’ been nearly a decade since the Boston Bandits have been on top at the end of the year. With veterans and All Stars sprinkled throughout their lineup, they are hoping their second year pass caller plays the game of his life against the Raging Bulls. “If Adam (Headley) puts together some early drives I think that will give his enough confidence to lead the team to a win”. Last season Headley and the Bandits beat the Raging Bulls in overtime in the Divisional Round.

Most people anticipated the South/West semifinal opponents after week one this year. In that match up, the Western Connecticut Militia defeated the defending champion Connecticut Panthers by way of a last second plunge in the end zone by quarterback Kevin Oberg. This is the third consecutive year that the two teams have squared off in the playoffs. In the previous two games the Panthers pulled off upsets on the Militia’s home turf. This year the Panthers will host the game.



(Last Regular Season Matchup: Bulls 28-Bandits 0)


10-0 regular season; Northern Division Champions

BULLS KEY PLAYERS        WR Mark Roberts                                     RB John Wiechman

QB Alexis Colon

RAGING BULLS WILL WIN IF….. The Bulls bring the top running game into this weekend matchup. Future Hall of Famer Phil Warren has averaged over 100 yards on the ground in every game this season while newcomer John Wiechman leads the league with 13 rushing scores. Undefeated this season, the Bulls have a huge home field advantage at Memorial Stadium.

8-2 regular season; Eastern Division Champions

BANDITS KEY PLAYERS WR Ty Brooks              QB Adam Headley             WR Darryl Hodge

DT Dareck Alcindor                               DB Alvin Edwards

BANDITS WILL WIN IF…. Veteran JD Brooks is still very productive and balances Coach Bustin’s offense attack. Daryl Sweat and Fitz Lee are Headley’s (10 TD passes) favorite targets while their offensive line hosts potently two All-League performers. Alvin Edwards will receive many Defensive Player of the Year nominees with his league best 9 interceptions.




(Last Regular Season Matchup: Panthers 48-Militia 22)


7-3 Regular Season

MILITIA KEY PLAYERS QB Kevin Oberg                     RB Lionel Assie             OL Mike Swartz

DB Raquim Taft                         DL Hardison Freeman

MILITIA WILL WIN IF…. The Militia have developed into a run first team. Running back Lionel Assie has averaged 20+ carries per game the later part of the season winning 6 of 7 games during that stretch. The team has also clamped down defensively with the return of 310 pound tackle Hardison Freeman.

9-1 Regular Season; Southern Division Champions

PANTHERS KEY PLAYERS QB Rich Snowden              WR Jamie Bryant             LB Tylee Flowers

DE David Reese                       DB Shante Wynn

PANTHERS WILL WIN IF…. Driven by their defense on their NEFL Championship run last season, this year’s Panthers have become offensive juggernauts with the top passing attack in the league. MVP candidate Rich Snowden has thrown a whopping 21 touchdown passes which is more than twice the number of anyone in the Division. His receiving crew including Akwan Shabazz (7 TD’s) and Jamie Bryant (6 TD’s) is the best in the NEFL.


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