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Closing In

Entering the 2017 season, the Somerville Rampage saw this as the season they would turn their Colonial Conference (AAA) fortunes around. Now 0-2, they head into week three in a battle against the Western Mass Armor in the NEFL GAME OF THE WEEK that could get them in the winning column.

After struggling through a winless first season, the Rampage took the high roll and stayed at the AAA level instead of returning to the North Atlantic Conference (AA) where they saw great success.

“They could have easily requested to go back to AA and rebuild” said NEFL Representative Bernie Armstrong, “however they decided to stay here and compete; that says a lot about their character.”

A strong recruiting offseason had the Rampage excited about their week one match up with the history-rich Boston Bandits. A hard fought battle for 4 quarters saw errors in the final period let their first win slip away. “Just like last season there were about 2-3 plays per game I know they wish they could have back; those plays in some cases were the difference with winning and losing.”

The matchup in Springfield Saturday will be an action-packed one. Both teams boast playmakers at quarterback and have defenses that can lock down an opposing offense. “It’s a big game for both team” said Armstrong, “we will see Saturday who wants or needs the win more.”

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