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New England Football League

Board of Directors

NEFL Board of Directors

– Tom Torrisi

Executive Vice President
– Anthony Morgante

Secretary/Special Events Coordinator
– Nicole Bergeron

– Christine Torrisi

Director Of Business Operations
– Josh Mason

Director Of League Operations
– Derek Bortz

Director Of Planning & Development
– John Fitzpatrick

Director Of Information & Media Relations
– Tom Degnan

Director of Social Media
– Chris Cipperley

Director Of Football Operations
– David Dunn

Director Of Marketing
– Kevin Donahue

Director Of Sales
– Dennis Faulkner

Director of League Relations & Regional Tournament Coordinator
– Bernie Armstrong

Director Of Expansion
– Peter Vorias

Director Of Competition North Atlantic Conference
– Steve Maycock

Director Of Competition Maritime Conference
– Tim Labounty

Other Staff

League Counsel
– Attorney Armand Hyatt

Alumni/Hall Of Fame Coordinator
– Sean Suslowicz