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League Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations (PDF)

NEFL Rules and Regulations
Modified Rules List (PDF)

All games in the NEFL are played under NCAA Rules with the exceptions as listed within the modified rules list. In the event that a Head Coach wishes to challenge the enforcement of a specific modified rule on this list, the procedure is outlined in Rule 29 – CHALLENGE FLAG – as quoted below.

“In the event a head coach wishes to challenge the enforcement of a modified rule, the following apply:

Each coach must have a red challenge flag/beanbag on his person. Team will have 1 challenge per half. Should the coach wish to challenge enforcement of a modified rule, he throws the flag near the sideline official before the next snap. The official upon seeing the flag will immediately stop play and notify the referee that a rule has been challenged. Referee will then discuss the challenge with the head coach.
– Should the challenge be upheld, the correct ruling will be enforced. Game will then proceed at the point of interruption. Coach will retain his challenge.
– Should the challenge be turned down, the head coach will be charged with a time out and have no remaining challenges for that half. No remaining challenges for that half.”


NEFL Rules and Regulations
Download college rulebook from NCAA’s website