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New England Football League

The 2015 Season Has Started

Head Coach Lonnie Young (center) welcomes players to the Militia’s Interest Meeting

WEST HAVEN, CT – As most of the northeast are digging themselves out of another snowstorm, New England Football League team owners, coaches, and players are seeing the sunny days of their 2015 season opener. “This league has gotten extremely competitive over the years” said Dennis Falkner of the Worcester Wildcats, “teams are turning this into a year around experience for their players; those who have has in a lot of cases been the most successful during the season”.

A large percentage of teams have already scheduled a team meeting for both current roster players and potential newcomers. “We take a lot of pride in our annual interest meeting” said the Western Connecticut Militia’s Carl Oberg, “we truly look at the meeting as the first official day of the season”. Interest meetings can range from the introduction of new coaches, improved playing facilities, and even a new focus for the upcoming season. “The meeting can set a tone for your offseason which can lead to a great preseason and get everybody on the same page for the season”.

Some teams are using this wintery offseason to get involved in indoor flag football leagues. “Flag football is a way players on the same team can stay in shape and also keep their skills up” said a NEFL player. Position players get the chance to run, catch, and defend pass receivers in the winter months in hopes that it translates on the field in July. “Sometimes we play with our minor league teammates or even some of our regular season opponents; either way it allows a lot of us to keep our edge”.

Individually a lot of players have already gotten back in their area gyms to get their bodies ready for the new year. Matt Ramos, owner of Ramos Athletic and Conditioning Center (RACC), says that this year more than any other, minor league players are getting in better shape. “We’ve always had a lot of guys coming in the gym getting ready for their season; this year however they are here earlier than ever before and really pushing themselves”.

No matter the level, winning a NEFL crown is a great honor and worth the extra work put in by the teams in the league. “No matter if it is recruiting a new impact player or going after a upstart business in their area for a sponsorship, I think these guys are really putting in a lot of efforts to improve their teams” said NEFL Representative Bernie Armstrong, “I respect what these guys are doing; I can’t wait until our season kicks off”.

NEFL team members are getting their timing set by playing flag football.

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