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Power Rankings

For the First Time ever, the New England Football League is proud to announce our OFFICIAL POWER RANKINGS!!!!  Setting the standard is our AAA Conference. These Power Rankings are based on a formula that goes above Wins / Losses and truly shows the best of the best.  We are still early in the season, so the Rankings can change each and every week.  Follow our 2013 Season Rankings and see who ends up on top.

Out of 16 teams, your top 4 “Power House” teams: #1 Maine Sabers (Northern Division), #2 Bridgeport Gators (Southern Division), #3 Western Mass Warriors (Western Division), and #4 Southern Maine Raging Bulls (Northern Division).

Below is your complete list…

Rank Teams
1 Maine Sabers
2 Bridgeport Gators
3 W.Mass Warriors
4 So. Maine Raging Bulls
5 CT Panthers
6 Western CT Militia
7 Boston Bandits
8 Lowell Nor'easter
9 No. Shore Generals
10 Metro-West Colonials
11 Hartford Whalers
12 Tri-State Bulldogs
13 Merrimack Valley Pride
14 New Jersey Spartans
15 New Hampshire Wolfpack
16 CT Gamblers


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