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Power Rankings – Wk 9

It"s Week 9 of the New England Football League season, here is the NEW POWER RANKINGS!!!! The AAA Conference continues to set the standard. The Power Rankings are based on a formula that goes above Wins / Losses and truly shows who are the best of the best. We are now in the final weeks of the season, so with Teams jockeying for Playoff Positions the Rankings still can change. Please continue to follow our 2013 Season Rankings and see who ends up on top.

Week 8 of the NEFL Season is complete. With the top 4 order of “Power House” teams not changing this week we will focus in more on the Middle of the Lineup: #5 Bridgeport Gators (Southern Division), #6 Boston Bandits (Eastern Division), #7 Western Mass Warriors (Western Division), #8 Lowell Nor'Easter (Northern Division) and #9 Tri-State Bulldogs (Southern Division). With only a few weeks remaining will any of these teams rise to the Top in 2013!!!

Below is your complete list…

2013 NEFL Power Rankings: Week 9
Maine Sabers

Last Week: 1
The Sabers have their formula for success. Win + Win + Win = No. 1. Let"s see if that continues as this week they face the Bandits of Boston, who come in riding a 3 Game win streak of their own.
Western CT Militia

Last Week: 2
Western Connecticut might just have the right mix of players to match up against the No. 1 Sabers. Before we can dream of that Post-season Final match-up, the militia must dispose of their next 2 opponents and secure their Playoff seeding. Gamblers and Spartans, you better be ready…
CT Panthers

Last Week: 3
If the Panthers are serious about making a run deep into the play-offs they need to handle business on the field this weekend. With the Bulldogs up next, they will need there A game.
So. Maine Raging Bulls

Last Week: 4
Still chasing the Sabers, these Bulls are determined to stampede all competition until that 3rd opportunity presents itself. Last week they shutout the Wolfpack and are planning on doing the same to the Colonials this week.
Bridgeport Gators

Last Week: 5
In the last three games, the gators have scored 3, 13, & most recently 22 points. Where has the “Track Team” gone??? Better find out soon as this week the Gators are traveling to the resurgent Defending Champion Warriors, who are looking to make a push to secure a better seed in the Post-season.
Boston Bandits

Last Week: 6
Can the Bandits tame the Sabers??? No one else has been able to do it, but if the Bandits are looking to stay a top their division, they need to do something. Now is the time to make it happen.
W.Mass Warriors
Last Week: 9
Time to see if the defending League Champion has what it takes to repeat. Up next for them is the Gators who have not looked to good as of late, dropping 2 of their last 3. However the Warriors have had their own struggles… Lets see which team is sitting pretty after this weekend.
Lowell Nor'easter

Last Week: 8

A tough 7-point loss to the Sabers is all that is on the minds of the Nor'Easter Players. Lets see who is ready to respond after such a wasted opportunity. Lowell needs to find a way to beat the Generals this weekend as it could mean alot.
Tri-State Bulldogs
Last Week: 7
A week earlier this Bulldogs team was label “A Team On The RISE,” after a loss, they could be in for a tough decline as this week they travel to face the No. 3 ranked Panthers. Great match-up of Cats & Dogs is on the horizon.
No. Shore Generals
Last Week: 11
In order to get closer to .500 by the end of the season the Generals need to beat Lowell and win the last game of the season also. It has been an up and down season for them but they are trying to be confident heading into the last 2 weeks of the season.
New Hampshire Wolfpack
Last Week: 10
After being shutdown by the Bulls, the Pack is trying to make a comeback… What a perfect time to play the Merrimack Valley Pride or is it???
Metro-West Colonials
Last Week: 13
Even though the Colonials tried there best it just wasn"t enough… as they allowed the Pride to get their 1st win of the season. Now they have to face the Bulls… What a punishment…
Hartford Whalers
Last Week: 12
The Whalers have been a tough bunch all season long, losing a lot of close games. With a trip to NJ looming, the Hartford players need not to worry this week as they should easy get a victory.
Merrimack Valley Pride

Last Week: 14
They Finally did it! The Pride have brought a Win to the Merrimack Valley. Can they make it two in a row? The Wolfpack sure hope not!
New Jersey Spartans

Last Week: 15
Out-manned and Out of luck, the Spartans dropped another game last week, losing 22 – 7 to the Gators. This week they face the Hartford Whalers… Maybe now they can have a more competitive game.
CT Gamblers

Last Week: 16

A never say die attitude is great for the Gamblers, however after the Warriors blanked them last week, not sure what this team has left. Up next for them is the No. 2 ranked Militia… It may just be another shut-out.

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