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Panthers Hold Off Chiefs

Jamie “Rocket” Bryant collected 205 yards against the Chiefs                                          

WEST HAVEN, CT- Down at the half, the Connecticut Panthers scored 12 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to defeat the Connecticut Chiefs 28-21 Sunday afternoon.

The Chiefs Dino Mancinelli connected with the dynamic DelRoy Morris for two touchdown strikes in the second quarter to put the Panthers in an early hole. In their next possession Panthers Rich Snowden was picked off by safety Naheem Robinson for a 36 yard return for a score giving them a 21-9 lead heading into the half.

The first possession of the third quarter saw Snowden redeem himself when he hit Akwan Shabazz on a quick out which he quickly turned into a 69 yard catch and run into the end zone. “Us coming out in the second half and scoring like that took a lot out of them (Chiefs)”, said Snowden, “even though we were still down we had the momentum.”

The one thing that Snowden also had on his side was the Panthers defense. The Panthers had shutout their last two opponents while outscoring them 99-0. Besides their second quarter scores, the Chiefs were actually limited to less than 100 yards of offense. “Morris made some big plays but we took away a lot of what they wanted to do” said linebacker Gerald Patrick.

DelRoy Morris (above) pulls in one of his two second quarter touchdowns

The fourth quarter saw the Panthers offense put in the hands of Jamie Bryant. Moving the ball up the field with his legs, Bryant used his arm with a well-placed 30 yard touchdown pass to Shabazz which game them the lead with less than five minutes to play. After a strong kick return and a series of penalties, the Chiefs found themselves in the scoring position just before the two minutes warning. Runs by Montrell Dobbs placed the balls on the twelve yard line on third down before the Chiefs called their final timeout. With the game on the line Mancinelli finds Dave Coggins for a slant which brought up a fourth a goal situation on the 2 yard line. Selecting to run a play instead of attempting a go-ahead field goal, Mancinelli’s handoff to Dobbs was sniffed out by the Panthers for a one yard loss giving the ball to the visitors. “We live for plays like that” said Patrick, “Teams can’t run on us in situations like that”.

With the ball deep in their own territory, the Panthers put Bryant back under center to run out the clock. On his second down run however Bryant found a seam in the Chiefs defense and raced 88 yards for the score that sealed the game. “We know how to win these types of games” said Bryant, “we usually start slow but work hard to close out when it counts.”

Akwan Shabazz finished the day with 115 yards receiving



Panthers 3 6 7 12 28
Chiefs 0 21 0 0 21


Connecticut Panthers

PASSING Completions Attempts Yards Touchdowns Interceptions
Rich Snowden 4 13 160 1 1
Jamie Bryant 3 7 66 2 0
Todd Carroll 3 4 28 0 0


RECEIVING Catch Yards TD’s Catch Yards TD’s
Vinny Muli 1 20 0 Jason Davis 1 15 0
Jamie Bryant 1 12 0 Akwan Shabazz 4 115 3
Kareem Robinson 1 18 0


RUSHING Rush Yards TD’s Rush Yards TD’s
Kevin Wolfolk 6 18 0 Rich Snowden 3 16 0
Johrome Bunch 3 12 0 Jamie Bryant 6 127 1
Corey Williams 1 12 0 Ziggy Bailey 1 21 0
Andrew Alleme 1 1 0


Gerald Patrick 5 1 0
David Reese 3 1 0 Pass Deflected
Tylee Flowers 3 0
Moose Lynch 2 1
Dustin Lindon 2 1 0
Andrew Pratt 3 0 0
Sir Snowden 2 0 0 Pass Deflected


David Szymanski 3/4 PAT 1/1FG




Connecticut Chiefs

PASSING Completions Attempts Yards Touchdowns Interceptions
Dino Mancinelli 10 28 196 2 0


RECEIVING Catch Yards TD’s Catch Yards TD’s
Delroy Morris 2 73 2 Kevin Sylvester 1 35 0
Montrell Dobbs 1 17 0 Dave Coggins 5 65 0
Julian Hayes 1 9 0


RUSHING Rush Yards TD’s Rush Yards TD’s
Montrell Dobbs 13 69 0 Dino Mancinelli 1 2 0
Julian Hayes 4 12 0


Naheem Robinson 2 0 1 36 yard return-TD
Pat Atkinson 5 1 0 Pass Deflection
Raheem Stanley 4 1 0
Brandon Murphy 2 0 1
Brandon Flores 5 1 0
Will McDonald 3 1 0


Luigi Liovvi-3/3 PAT



OFFENSE Rush Plays Rush Yards Passing Plays Passing Yards TOTAL OFFENSE
Panthers 21 207 24 254 45 plays/461 yards
Chiefs 18 83 28 196 46 plays/ 279 yards


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