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Overtime… Again

Kevin Oberg and the Militia defeat the Chiefs in overtime                              

WEST HAVEN, CT- For the second straight year the Western Connecticut Militia and Connecticut Chiefs need overtime to decide the outcome of their matchup. This time quarterback Kevin Oberg finds a streaking Matt Tyrell in the extra period for a Militia 41-35 victory. “These teams are very evenly matched” said NEFL Representative Bernie Armstrong, “over the past two years it has come down to who makes the biggest plays when they count”.

The game started great for the Chiefs as Dino Mancinelli found Dave Coggins and Jovan Martin for scoring catches and Julian Hayes scored on a 5 yard run to give them a 21-7 lead in the first quarter. The second quarter saw the Militia mount a comeback with scoring runs by Oberg and Lionel Assie. Plagued by poor return coverage all day, a Chiefs punt late in the quarter to Jovan Wilkens turned into a 66 yard dazzling run into the end zone giving the game a 28-28 score at the half. “The 56 points were the most scored in an AAA half all season; it was no telling what the second half of this game would show.”

Aaron Taylor (far right) paced the Militia running game with 85 yards and a touchdown

The defenses came to play in the third and fourth quarters as both teams only mustered 14 points combined. The Militia’s Raq Taft (5 solo tackles), Anthony Lucas and Dwight Franklin reconfigured the secondary and slowed down the Chiefs passing attack. They however had a tough time reining in rookie running back Montrell Dobbs who finished the night with a career high 189 yards on the ground and a score.

The Militia’s running game also stepped up a notch with the help of Aaron Taylor. Used sparely all season, the former Chief burned his once teammates for a hard earned 85 yards and the go-ahead score in the third quarter. “AT looked great tonight” said Chiefs DelRoy Morris, “they used a two back set that we didn’t see much of this season and he took advantage of us with it.”

Mancinelli (5) and the Chiefs collected 478 yards of offense

The fourth quarter was battle between both teams as the rain started to fall on Ken Strong Stadium. Attempting to run the ball and drain the clock, the Militia was stymied by defensive tackle Raheem Stanley who finished the game with 10 tackles and two sacks. With less than five minutes to play Mancinelli rallied the Chiefs on a 68 yard drive where he found receiver Kevin Sylvester with a step on his defender. His well-placed ball tied the game at 35-35 and both teams prepared for overtime.

Last season both teams had possession of the ball before the Chiefs’ Luigi Liovvi hit a 23 yarder to win the game in Danbury. “Last year we may have been a little conservative in overtime” said Kevin Oberg, “this time we wanted to go right at them”. After returning the kickoff just outside the 30 yard line, the Militia came out in a run formation that obviously pulled in the Chiefs secondary. Looking to the left, Oberg quickly adjusted his eyes on his top receiver Tyrell on the right who pulled in one of his biggest catches of his careers. “We ran that set all night” said Tyrell, “this time when they jumped at the run Kev pulled the ball and found me one on one; it was amazing.” The 68-yard catch and run sent the Militia sidelines sprinting into the end zone for one of their team’s greatest victories. “We needed offense, defense, special teams, coaches, and fans, everything tonight!” said Oberg, “in the end we were able to pull it out and that’s what counts.”


Militia 7 21 7 0 6 41
Chiefs 21 7 0 7 0 35



PASSING Completions Attempts Yards Touchdowns Interceptions
Kevin Oberg 11 21 217 2 0


RECEIVING Catch Yards TD’s Catch Yards TD’s
Matt Tyrell 5 123 1 Anthony Jubles 2 30 0
Lionel Assie 1 17 0 Ryan Mack 1 8 0
Edwin Heath 3 39 1


RUSHING Rush Yards TD’s Rush Yards TD’s
Kevin Oberg 6 19 1 Lionel Assie 16 55 1
Aaron Taylor 8 85 1 Matt Tyrell 1 -1 0


Anthony Lucas 3 Pass Deflection
Jasper Ramsey 3 1
Hakeem Pierce 3
Dwight Franklin 3 0 1
Raq Taft 5 0 0
Luis Moore 6
Jovan Wilkens 2 0 1 Pass Deflection
Charles Burney 3 1 0


PAT- Tyler Kurjiaka 5/5 PAT Jovan Wilkens 66 yard punt return-TD
Moquan Dickens 74 yard kickoff return


Connecticut Chiefs

PASSING Completions Attempts Yards Touchdowns Interceptions
Dino Mancinelli 19 37 274 3 1
Jovan Martin 0 1 0 0 1


RECEIVING Catch Yards TD’s Catch Yards TD’s
Delroy Morris 5 83 0 Kevin Sylvester 4 58 1
Montrell Dobbs 1 5 0 Dave Coggins 6 107 1
Julian Hayes 1 5 0 Jovan Martin 2 16 1


RUSHING Rush Yards TD’s
Montrell Dobbs 21 189 1
Julian Hayes 3 15 1


Jaquan Floyd 3 0 0 Pass Deflection
Pat Atkinson 3 0 0 Pass Deflection
Raheem Stanley 10 2 0
Will McDonald 3 1 Fumble Recovery
Brandon Flores 5 0 0


Luigi Liovvi-0/1 FG 5/5 PAT



OFFENSE Rush Plays Rush Yards Passing Plays Passing Yards TOTAL OFFENSE
Militia 31 158 21 217 52 plays/375 yards
Chiefs 24 204 38 274 62 plays/ 478 yards


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