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Militia Defense Slows the Chiefs

Jamar Rawles picks off a pass intended for Anthony Jubles

HAMDEN, CT- The Militia continues to use their run heavy offense and opportunistic defense on their way to a 17-13 victory over division rival Connecticut Chiefs. The win is the Militia’s second in a row.

“We are using what works for us” said Coach Lonnie Young, “we need to win the battle in the trenches and the last two weeks that’s been the difference in the games.” A 263 yard rushing performance by Lionel Assie against the Pioneer Valley Knights last week demonstrated the Militia’s commitment to the run. This evening was no difference seeing Assie control the offense with 23 carries for 88 yards on the ground.

The Militia opened the scoring behind a 22 yard field goal by Andy Benicewicz in the first quarter. During their next possession they took a 66 yard drive down the field which culminated in a 17 yard touchdown grab by Dwight Franklin giving them a 10-0 lead. In the second quarter the Chiefs took advantage of a short punt and set themselves up inside of the 22 yard line. Three plays later Aaron Taylor took a handoff 12 yards for a Chiefs score as the half expired.

The second half saw both defenses stiffen and limited the offenses from moving the ball. Chiefs quarterback Dino Mancinelli started to connect with receivers Anthony Jubles and rookie standout Kevin Sylvester on both out patterns and hitch routes to stay away from the middle of the Militia defense. Veteran corner back Jamar Rawles jumped a ball directed at Jubles and returned it 54 yards for a dynamic defensive touchdown. “That hurt us a lot” said Chiefs Sylvester, “to stop a good drive and turn it to points for them set us back a lot.”

With only one period to play the Chiefs needed a big play to get back into the game. Kicking away from him all evening, a punt found its’ way to speedster Akeem Wright who promptly took the ball 49 yards for a much needed touchdown. A missed extra point gave the Chiefs a 4 point deficit and the need to get the ball back. The Militia went back to their running attack where both Assie and quarterback Kevin Oberg converted two needed first downs to drain the clock. Receiving the ball back with 8 seconds to play, a 48 yard heave by Mancinelli was deflected by a Militia defender in the end zone and ended the Chiefs chance of a comeback.

“We needed this game really bad” said Rawles, “every win counts heading into the playoffs.” The win slides the Militia into second place in the division heading into the league’s Labor Day recess. They will head to historic Crawley Stadium to take on Lowell Nor’easter after the break. The Chiefs will try to break their two game losing streak as they head to Lynn, MA to match up against the North Shore Generals.


Mike Swartz (center) and the Militia defense frustrated the Chiefs all evening

Militia 3 7 7 0 17
Chiefs 0 7 6 0 13



PASSING Completions Attempts Yards Touchdowns Interceptions
Kevin Oberg 6 16 113 1 0


RECEIVING Catch Yards TD’s   Catch Yards TD’s
Donte Clark 1 13 0 Dwight Franklin 4 88 1
Darius Cobb 1 12 0        


RUSHING Rush Yards TD’s   Rush Yards TD’s
Kevin Oberg 5 18 1 Lionel Assie 23 88 0
Daurice Elliott 1 5 0        


Raq Taft 3      
Marcus Pouncey 2      
Mike Swartz 4 1    
Mike Pratt 2   1  
Joe Burnett 2      
Eric Forde 1      
Jamar Rawles 1   2 54 yard interception return -TD
Keith Pratt 4 1    


PAT- Andy Benicewicz 2/2     FG 1/1 22 yard FG




Connecticut Chiefs

PASSING Completions Attempts Yards Touchdowns Interceptions
Dino Mancinelli 10 27 164 0 2


RECEIVING Catch Yards TD’s   Catch Yards TD’s
Anthony Jubles 3 47 0 Dyonne Crudup 2 13 0
Akeem Wright 2 27 0 Kevin Sylvester 5 77 0


RUSHING Rush Yards TD’s   Rush Yards TD’s
Aaron Taylor 7 34 1 Akeem Wright 4 25 0
Eric Brown 3 10 0        


Devin Meyers 3 1    
Hakieem Pearce 2 1    
Rob Walker 1 0    
Donte Williams 2      
Jaquan Floyd 1     Pass Deflection
Mawamba Williams 2 1    
Rich Vitale 4     Pass Deflection
Raheem Stanley 2 2    
Leo McTaggert 2      
Niko Sierra 4      


Luigi Liovvi- 1/2 PAT Akeem Wright-49 yard Punt Return-TD



OFFENSE Rush Plays Rush Yards Passing Plays Passing Yards TOTAL OFFENSE
Militia 29 111 16 113 45 plays/224 yards
Chiefs 14 69 27 164 41 plays/ 233 yards

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