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Militia’s Joe Burnett is part of arguably the top defensive line in the NEFL                              

WEST HAVEN, CT- This weekend the Western Connecticut Militia and the defending champion Panthers square off for what should be another fantastic matchup. The Connecticut Panthers have housed the top defense over the past few years with perennial All Stars like David Reese and Dustin Lindon occupying the defensive line. However, team maturation and off season additions has boded well for the Militia and may have given them the advantage up front.

“I feel both groups are incredibly tough to deal with” said Connecticut Chiefs owner John Mancinelli, “this year however the Militia are so deep up front that by the second half they really wear you down.” The Militia line is led by Jasper Ramsey. Ramsey is a 6’2, 260 pound end with great hands and an even better motor. “Jasper is almost impossible to block by one person; when he gets going he can control the entire side of the line of scrimmage because you have to double team him.” Ramsey is now accompanied by new acquisition Hakeem Pierce. The stout Pierce was a college offensive player who transitioned to defense during his career in the indoor football league. “In arena most players have to play both offense and defense” said Pierce, “doing it at that level made me fall in love with that side of the ball.”

Hakeem Pierce (44) averages 5 tackles per game

The Militia rotate a wide array of big bodies including Joe Burnett, Marcus Pouncey, Mike Swan, Charles Burney, and Leon Williams to fill their defensive wall. All players who play their role and complement the exploits of both Ramsey and Pierce. However over the past few weeks defensive end Perquan Moore has become a playmaker that opponents need to take note of. Plagued with injures the past few seasons, the rejuvenated Moore has settled in with the second unit giving them the boost they needed. “Perquan comes in around the third series of the game with fresh legs and quickness and leaves linemen in their tracks” said Militia owner Carl Oberg, “he’s new to us but we know his career; he can do basically everything on the field.” Nothing demonstrated that more than his week three matchup with the Chiefs. Moore collected four tackles, a sack, forced a fumble and also grabbed a tipped pass and returned it 32 yards to set up a score for his offense. “Perquan really makes this defensive line dangerous.”

“The winner of Saturday’s game has always come down to the team that makes the fewest mistakes late in the game” said NEFL Representative Bernie Armstrong, “these guys are so evenly matched-one mistake can decide the result.” Expect the defensive lines in this game to play a big part in the outcome.

Defensive End Jasper Ramsey (left) is a mismatch for most offensive tackles

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