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New England Football League

Light Helmet… NEFL’s Official Helmet

The New England Football League is proud to introduce the Official Helmet of the NEFL:
Light Helmets… The World’s Lightest 5 Star Virginia Tech Rated Helmet

This partnership is especially exciting because the Light Helmet is the first helmet to address player performance by reducing weight! We look forward to working with Light Helmets throughout the season as they make possible a season-long NEFL webcast called the Light Helmets NEFL Focus. The Focus will showcase the league’s big plays, big games, players and coaches during the 2022 season. There will be previews, highlights, interviews and predictions – keep an eye out for the trailer!

We look forward to talking about this innovative helmet – Light Helmets has changed the game through the use of NASA developed materials that are both stronger and lighter than their old-fashioned counterparts used by other traditional manufacturers. While many players at all levels are wearing clunky helmets that weigh around 5 pounds, the new Light Helmet LS2 weighs approximately 2 lbs 15 oz. ! (depending on size, paint, etc).

While the helmet is sleek and streamlined, it has technology everywhere you look from the unique Chromoly facemask (both lighter and stronger than traditional materials) to the super-strong Composite shell and energy absorbing facemask clips. Find out more about the Next Big Thing in helmets that the NEFL will be able to get just as early as the pros and bigtime college programs like Notre Dame. This is because the LS2 starts shipping in May of 2022 so nobody will have it before us! We also get a special discount, so click here to learn more about the helmet and get a discount code!

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