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Greenjackets Join NEFL

The New England Football League is proud and excited to welcome the Glens Falls Greenjackets to our outstanding North Atlantic Conference. The Greenjackets have a long and rich history that spans almost 100 years, making them the second oldest semi-pro football team in the US.

The NEFL is embarking on our 30th season, and we can’t envision any better way to celebrate than with this tremendous announcement! In the semi-pro football community, the Greenjackets are a respected and valued organization, and will be a solid addition to the NEFL bringing with them a strong commitment to immediately vie for the NEFL’s 2023 championship. The NEFL’s North Atlantic Conference is very strong and talented, featuring our defending 2A National Champions and our 2022 Maritime Conference Champs, as well as other recent champs and perennial contenders.

“The Greenjackets have a rich history of quality football and we are eager to engage in this new level of opportunity and competition with the league and teams in the NEFL. As we kick off this next chapter in our playbook; the team, our players and our fans are looking forward to coloring New England with the indelible mark of green and gold.” Greenjackets president Hank Pelton and vice president Jeff Hodges stated regarding the exciting news of the team joining the NEFL.

With this announcement, the NEFL is on the edge of our seats as we contemplate the fascinating and powerful matchups we will see in the North Atlantic Conference this year. We are also looking forward to the opportunities we will have to work with this historic organization this season and for many years into the future.

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