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GOTW: Wardogs at Cobras

Middleboro linebacker Ron Tinsley squares up a ball carrier

As the New England Football League opens their 25th season, they will boast quality games spanning from Maine to Connecticut in three separate divisions. That being said, the game to watch at the AAA level is the Rhode Island Wardogs against the Middleboro Cobras. “It’s the one weekend that EVERYBODY feels they have a chance to have a special year” said NEFL President Tom Torrisi, “that matchup in Middleboro however looks to be a great one”.

Who are the Cobras?

The Cobras have returned to the NEFL after a seven year hiatus. “While here, the Cobras were the class of the league; having them back only adds to the depth we have in our top division”. The two-time Champion brings a roster loaded with both key veterans and impacting rookies.

How can they win?

Any success Saturday night against the Wardogs will be based on their defensive scheme against the league’s top passer. “When you step on the field against Rhode Island your major goal has to be to stop their quarterback Jeff Costa” said a Cobra assistant coach, “he’s the best I’ve seen in years; if he gets rolling he’s impossible to stop”. Linebackers Rod Tinsley and Keilen McDonald will be in the center of slowing down the Wardogs attack with their ability to get to the passer and cover receivers and backs one on one. Also expect to see defensive back Ronnie Guyton match up with the electrifying Marqueem Monroe.

Jeff Costa is the NEFL’s top passer

Who are the Wardogs?
Rhode Island has been the top regular season team in the league over the past two-years winning 18 of 20 games. A participant in the past two Colonial Conference Championship games, second half defensive miscues has cost them the ring that they are seeking. “Talent isn’t a question regarding the Wardogs” said a competing coach, “them getting past their post season struggles is the key for their veterans and coaching staff this season”.

How can they win?
Quarterback Jeff Costa has thrown over 60 touchdowns in two years. He threw a record 364 yards in last year’s championship game against the vaunted Panther defense. “He’s dominant to say the least-he can take the team on his shoulders if he needs to”. Costa is added by playmakers Chris Walshy and Elliott Wright. His top target is Monroe who averaged over 20 yards per reception last season. “They can score on anyone; I don’t expect anything different this weekend”.

Expect a lot of action Saturday night at historic Battis Field. Will the Wardogs and Costa continue their offensive dominance or will the Cobras ball controlled attack win out? Will Rhode Island’s defense standup to the oversized Middleboro offensive line or will the Cobra’s Anthony Comer have a day to remember. We will see.

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