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GOTW – Destroyers at Panthers

Kevin Woolfolk remains the Panthers running threat

Granite State Destroyers at
Connecticut Panthers
Falcon Field, Meriden, CT

Winning their third Colonial Conference (AAA) Championship since 2013, the Connecticut Panthers has enjoyed their share of success. After last season’s last minute championship win over the Rhode Island Wardogs, the Panthers appear to be taking on a new look with a rebuffed roster.

“There were a handful of veteran who retired after last year’s championship,” said General Manager Anthony Medeiros. “That being said we’ve brought in some new additions to go along with some of our established players.” One new add-on will be quarterback Aubrey Norris. The former Central CT State University standout and arena football player has come in to replace last year’s starter Jason Manson. “Manson was great for us last year. We’re hoping for the same impact from Norris.”

All-Stars like defensive tackle “Moose” Welch and running back Kevin Woolfolk return to defend the Panthers championship this season. Wolfolk had a career year in 2017 setting personal records in rushing yards from scrimmage and touchdowns. “We expect a lot from guys like ‘Moose’ and Kevin this year. We need them to continue being leaders on the team if we expect to be in the running come the playoffs.”

The Granite State Destroyers looks at AAA programs like the Panthers as where they plan on being in the future. “The Destroyers came in a few seasons ago with a solid progression plan,” said NEFL Representative Bernie Armstrong. “They got their feet wet and made the move to AA all while creating a fan base and establishing a strong roster. Their movement to the Colonial Conference (AAA) only makes sense for these guys.”

Granite State have the organization and the roster talent to play at the highest level in minor league football. “They just need to come in Saturday night ready to take the game play by play and not let the situation get too big.” If they can do that they will ruin the home opener of one of the county’s top programs.

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