New England Football League Board of Directors | New England Football League


New England Football League

Board of Directors

    Tom Torrisi
Executive Vice President
    Anthony Morgante
Secretary/Special Events Coordinator
    Nicole Bergeron
    Christine Torrisi
Director Of Business Operations
    Josh Mason
Director Of League Operations
    Derek Bortz
Director Of Planning & Development
    John Fitzpatrick
Director Of Communications
    Olivier Bustin
Director Of Information & Media Relations
    Tom Degnan
Director Of Football Operations
    David Dunn
Director Of Marketing
    Kevin Donahue
Director Of Public Relations/Southwestern New England & Tri-State Regional Director
    Bernie Armstrong
Consulting Director
    Jeff Couture
Director Of Expansion
    Peter Vorias
Director Of Competition Colonial Conference
    Ron Bates
Director Of Competition North Atlantic Conference
    Dennis Faulkner
Director Of Competition Maritime Conference
    Tim Labounty
Other Staff    
League Counsel
    Attorney Armand Hyatt
Alumni/Hall Of Fame Coordinator
    Sean Suslowicz