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New England Football League


This game was truly a physical match-up.  The Beavers opened the game by forcing the Blackhawks" Running Back to fumble, which led to a touchdown for the Beavers; however, the extra point was missed.  The next series had a kick-off returned for an 85-yard touchdown score by Eric Robinson (pictured above).  After a successful extra point attempt, the score was now 7-6, in favor of the Blackhawks.  Then, after the Blackhawks stopped the Beavers, the Blackhawks answered with a 30-yard run by Josh Worthington to help his team increase their lead to 14-6.

Just when the Blackhawks thought they had the game in their nest, the Beavers surprised their opponents with a 35-yard pass play, for a touchdown, with less than 5 minutes left in the game, bringing the score to 14-12; however, on the ensuing 2-point conversion attempt, the Blackhawks were able to swoop in and prevent the Beavers from tying the game.  This physical game ended with a final score of 14-12, Blackhawks WIN!

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