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New England Football League

Board of Directors

President/CEO: Tom Torrisi
Vice President/Director Of Business Operations: Anthony Morgante
Secretary/Treasurer: Christine Torrisi
Director Of League Operations: Ralph Dumican
Director Of Planning & Development: Ralph Lopes
Director Of Communications: Olivier Bustin
Director Of Information & Media Relations: Tom Degnan
Director Of Football Operations: David Dunn
Director Of Marketing/Special Events Coordinator: Ric Zaenglein
Director Of Public Relations/Southwestern Bernie Armstrong
New England & Tri-State Regional Director:
Director Of Competition Colonial Conference: Derek Bortz
Director Of Competition North Atlantic Conference: Josh Mason
Director Of Competition Maritime Conference: Jeff Couture
Director Of Competition N.E.F.L. 2: John Fitzpatrick
Director Of Expansion: Peter Vorias
League Counsel: Attorney Armand Hyatt