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2014 Maritime Conference Playoffs

Notre Dame Cobras win tie-breaking coin toss for the Maine Division title. Maritime Conference playoffs begin October 4th.

On Sunday, NEFL President Tom Torrisi conducted a coin toss to determine the 2014 Maine Division champion for the Maritime (A) Conference, with the Notre Dame Cobras winning the toss and the division title. The flip was necessary because all of the other tiebreaking steps could not break the tie between the Cobras and the New Hampshire Timberwolves, both 6-2 in the regular season. The two teams split their head-to-head series, and with the Maine Division schedule being entirely divisional games, the remaining tiebreakers (division record, common opponents and strength of victory) would be the same. As division champions the Cobras are guaranteed one of the two top seeds in the Maine/Mass sub-conference.

The top two teams in the Massachusetts Division, the Southern New Hampshire Beavers and the Southern New England Rage, also finished the regular season 6-2 and splitting their head-to-head series. But unlike the Maine situation, the Mass Division teams had crossover games with teams from the Vermont Division, and as a result an earlier tiebreaker, strength of victory, can be used to crown the Beavers the Massachusetts Division champions. The Beavers will also get the #1 seed for their sub-conference due to having a higher SOV than the Cobras, who will get #2. The Rage and Timberwolves will be ranked #3 and #4, respectively, due to the Rage’s SOV being higher. Rounding out the Maine/Mass side will be the 5th seeded Port City Vipers and 6th seed Granite State Destroyers. Again tiebreakers come into play since both teams finished 5-3, and again SOV was used.

The Connecticut/Vermont sub-conference has the undefeated Connecticut Division champions Brass City Brawlers (8-0) as the top seed. The #2 spot is awarded to the Southern Vermont Storm (6-2), the Vermont Division champs. The wild card teams from the southern and western parts of New England will be the #3 seeded Connecticut Gamblers (4-3-1), #4 Vermont Ravens (4-4), #5 Franklin County Greyhounds (3-5) and #6 Southern Connecticut Sting (2-5-1).

The playoffs for the Maritime Conference begin October 4. Check the Week 11 schedule for the times and locations for the Wild Card round games. Also keep in mind that for the Divisional Round (Week 12) the lowest remaining seed from each sub-conference will play the #1 seed, and other Wild Card round winner will play the #2 seed.

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